Adriatic Region Assistance

Venice Focus

Many ships have moored in the Venetian quays and thousands upon thousands of sailors and captains have stepped down from their ships, touching “land” after long journeys.

They would all quickly realize that that they were not stepping on ordinary ground but on a “land” that’s been stolen from the sea. This is a city that seems to have emerged from the water rather than having been built.

Venice is one of the most interesting places to moor from a crew member’s perspective.  It is not only a breathtaking experience for the guests but it is a token of memory for the entire crew.

Some specific info and tips for the port of Venice

In Venice city you can chose between 5 berths in the city center and 2 marinas. While entering the historical center berths the Harbour Master regulations are stricter, while special environmental rules are applied in the whole lagoon.
While sailing through the Venetian waters the Harbour Master regulations vary due to the tonnage and the status of your vessel (pleasure/commercial). 36G Pleasure Yachts are welcome to the city center berths under some special security measures.

The following rules are always applied:

  • port entrance availability 24/7
  • gate to access Venice is Lido fairway port entrance (N45°25’16.84’’ E12°25’52.94’’)
  • entering manoeuvre allows engine use only, sail must be lowered
  • the speed limit is 7 knots while entering and exiting
  • beside clean water, no liquids can be discharged into the lagoon